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Imran Saleh

Founder & CEO Of Farmers Cheese Making. Learn more
My name is Imran Saleh . I am CEO at farmers cheese making Pakistan. Starting from home, from scratch, , today I own an artisan cheese making company supplying all over the country with over 50 employees, producing over 200 tons of cheese per annum . My company produce over 50 varieties of non processed , artisan cheeses . Our future planing is to make FCM , Pakistan’s largest cheese producing company with its own dairy and cheese shops . Beside FCM I am CEO at air duct business “ Faisal traders where we produce as well as import and sell air ducts for industrial and domestic use from out sale point located at Brandrath Road Lahore . We are also manufacturers of Shift Air Ducts . I am running a group called “ In the Line of entrepreneurship “ . Purpose is to gather startups , SMEs , entrepreneurs on a platform and get them into a networking in a hope to benefit from each other’s skills and grow ..


Mrs. Sobia Fahim

Mrs. Sobia Fahim, a University professor of 20 years with a passion to create Artisan Cheese who has been looking after the production of half of the variety of cheese that is being produced at Farmers’ Cheese, came up with the idea of starting up an Tea Café and introduce Asian tea variety including Kashmiri Chai, Tandoori Chai, Masala Tea, Green Tea and Peppermint Tea.