The FT ArcelorMittal Boldness In Business Award

MAY 03, 2023


In recognition of our hard work and dedication Farmers cheese making was shortlisted For “2019’Boldness in Business ( Developing Markets ) Award” by Financial Times / ArcelorMittal in London – UK

In recognition of our hard work and dedication, Farmer Cheese Making was not only a source of immense pride for us but also a testament to our commitment to excellence. We are thrilled to share that our passion for crafting exceptional farmer cheese led us to be shortlisted for the prestigious “2019 Boldness in Business (Developing Markets) Award” by Financial Times/ArcelorMittal in London, UK.

This esteemed recognition highlights our unwavering determination to make a significant impact in the cheese industry, particularly in emerging markets. Being shortlisted for this distinguished award among a pool of remarkable contenders is a testament to the innovation, creativity, and perseverance that drive our team.

The “Boldness in Business (Developing Markets)” category acknowledges companies that demonstrate exceptional courage, forward-thinking strategies, and a deep understanding of the dynamics within developing markets. We are humbled to have been acknowledged for our relentless pursuit of growth and our commitment to bringing our farmer cheese to new horizons.

This recognition would not have been possible without the dedication and expertise of our team, whose passion for creating exceptional cheese is at the heart of everything we do. From our farmers who lovingly tend to their cows, ensuring